The Lamb group is a non-profit and non-governmental organization founded in January 2006, whose objective is to open new horizons for children and the young. By taking these kids off the streets, The Lamb mission enables them to be away from violence, crime, drugs and many other risky situations. Through our work, we are able to show them that there are other ways to follow. This mission is located today in the neighborhood of Jardim America, which is surrounded by several communities, considered by many people, one of the poorest and most violent areas
of the city of Rio de Janeiro.


In order to see an end to suffering, poverty and criminality, we aim to help the most disadvantaged children through educational support and other developmental projects.


To fight against poverty by empowering the children and young people through educational and cultural programs. All under a friendly environment.


Up until now, the funds needed for running The Lamb mission has been provided by friends who donate their materials, time and other kinds of support. We are now raising funds to be able to refurbish and expand the site, as well as to continue covering operational costs such as cultural trips, and snacks.

Future Plans

Because of the amount of children in the community, The Lamb mission is committed to expanding its operations to other parts of the local area. We also plan to construct or buy a house to serve as an office for the institution, and a place where volunteers can stay as well.


Using Christian values, we are a team that works to bring the knowledge and presence of Gods’ kingdom into the lives of those in need, by fighting against poverty and reaching out to children at risk.

Professional qualifications and vocational training and recreational activities

  • Professional qualifications program
    Language workshop (English and Spanish)
    Vocational training to facilitate the entry into the job market
    School support
  • Cultural Trip
    Museum, theater and events
  • Professional meeting
    Factory visiting, workshops
  • Music workshop
    Acoustic guitar and drums
  • Humanitarian aid and support
    Volunteer work, music group shows


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Bank account

Agência 1107
Conta 17814-4
CNPJ: 09.575.396/0001-70